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Fadhili Loan App - How to Download and Apply for Loans,Repay via Mpesa Paybill, Contacts

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Fadhili Loan App in Kenya

It's time to check out Fadhili Loan App .The lender provide loans ranging from ksh300 to ksh100000 sent to a borrower's Mpesa account  within minutes after application approval.

I tried the app but I was not lucky.I never got approved for a loan. A very important point to consider is that you'll need to pay ksh350 for your  Fadhili account to be active!   something which Kenyans like me are not comfortable with at all.

Fadhili app registration

If you wish to try Fadhili app, then here are the steps;

Getting Started with Fadhili Loan App 

  • Download Fadhili Loan App from play store 
  • Fill in the required details 
  • Confirm your number 
  • Pay the required registration amount via Mpesa.
  • Now you have an active Fadhili account 

Borrow from Fadhili Loan App 

  • Log into the app
  • Select Apply loan
  • Input the amount to borrow 
  • Select the duration of repayment 
  • Provide refree details and submit 

Repay Fadhili Loan 

  • Go to Mpesa menu 
  • Select Lipa Na Mpesa 
  • Select Paybill 
  • Enter business number 995321 (Fadhili mobile paybill number)
  • Enter your phone number as Account number 
  • Enter amount of loan to repay 
  • Enter your Mpesa PIN and submit 

How to Contact Fadhili Help Team 

In case you encounter any issues as a Fadhili app user, 
  • Write a message within the app
  • Call 0720686009


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  1. Fadhili loan app, i paid twice the amount you owed me kindly refund the excess Abraham

  2. why should i pay 420 and yet sijachukua loan na nyinyi have just entered like two hours ago

  3. kindly i cleared the loan a month ago and still am getting the message to pay the loan.

  4. Hae. Fadhili.I mistakenly paid my loan twice. Please refund the excess amount to me.

  5. Hae.fadili.I mistakenly paid my loan twice please refund the excess amount to me.

  6. I have paid 350 but you are still telling me to pay again. Whats wrong

  7. Are you people serious ati you'll blacklist me for Aloan i took 4 days ago?????

  8. What's wrong with this people.... 4 days loan Ati am blacklisted....????

  9. Crb? How and have just got a loan jana?

  10. How do u blacklist people without following your own rules? You give sm1 a loan within 2 days u tel them u r blacklisting them? R u serious?

  11. How do u blacklist people without following your own rules? You give sm1 a loan within 2 days u tel them u r blacklisting them? R u serious?

  12. My name is Mike and I mistakenly made an excess overpayment in one of my previous loan and I have been trying to get in touch with fadhili customer care but it's out of service how will I do to get my money back

  13. I already have an existing loan is it possible to deduct the amount from there then refund me the balance

  14. Please guys I need a reply

  15. have just received a text message from fadhili indicating that they are going to blacklist me tommorrow if i dont pay up the loan. macque i got the loan yesterday and before 24hrs are over you want to blacklist me, how do you do bussiness.. U R CRAZY

  16. I paid Kshs 400,Monday n my account hasn't been updated on the app

  17. Seems like madness, madness, madness here. Nothing else!
    No single positive comment?? Huh

  18. I have paid my loan in excess.kindly refund

  19. My loan has been paid in excess.kindly refund

  20. I have registered but still telling me to register

  21. I have cleared registration fee,but still asking for it what's the problem?