Standard Bank (Stanbic Bank), South Africa ; Loans, Contacts, Banking

Standard Bank SOUTH AFRICA

Standard Bank also Stanbic Bank, is South Africa's lending institution that offers personal and business banking. This serves as the HQ for Standard Bank Group based in Johannesburg SOUTH AFRICA.

The bank offers the following services; commercial banking, Retail banking, Private banking, Asset management, Mortgage and credit cards.

The lender provides more banking services which include; institutional banking, trade banking, investment banking, commercial banking, corporate banking, and SME banking services.


The bank has a wide range of loan products to help meet both short and long term needs.
Personal bank loan solution:

  • Home loans 
  • Asset and vehicles finance.
  • Personal unsecured loans.
  • Advance loans


  • Mortgage loans
  • Asset Loans
  • Auto loans

Transactional Accounts 

The bank offers transactional accounts to its clients which include the following details;

  • Credit cards,
  •  smart banking, 
  • Executive banking, 
  • pay as you go, and
  •  diaspora banking.

Savings and Investment Accounts 

The bank offers a wide range of savings and investment accounts that earn attractive and competitive rates to reach the customer financial goals, like;

  •  pure savings, 
  • savings account, 
  • fixed deposit and 
  • call for deposit.

Self-service Banking 

 The bank has self-service banking like ;

  •  ATMs,
  • Internet Banking,
  •  Mobile banking,
  •  online  banking

How to Contact Stanbic bank South Africa 

The bank can be reached through the following contact details,

  • Office Tel No. +27 11 636-9111
  • Call; 0860123000 
  • E-mail
  • Website: 


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