How To Check CRB Status in Kenya

How to check your crb status from CRBs in kenya
CRBs In Kenya
How can I check if am blacklisted? Am I in CRB? Who listed me ?This is what most of my blog readers ask.I had to post about it.

There's nothing like a small debt and that's my advice.The law permits lenders to submit names of individuals with any Non Performing Loans (NPL) to Credit Reference Bureaus (CRB) for blacklisting.Negligence is not a thing here.Service your loans up to the final step.

In Kenya, there are three licensed CRB companies and they're TransUnion,Metropol and CreditInfo.I already did an introduction about CRBs.Read about CRBs and Clearance Certification.

Before you can access your CRB status,you will need to register with one or all (recommended).Sometimes a lender can send the same bad report about you to more than one CRB.This way,you'll need to clear with all CRBs.

You can cross over to our Loans vLog YouTube Channel to watch the video version of information about CRB in Kenya or proceed reading below; 

Metropol CRB

You can access CRB services from Metropol through Metropol website,metropol crystobol app or by dialling*433#.

If you have chosen to register with metropol,then check out these steps;

Register With Metropol

  • You will Pay kes 50 as registration fees through the Paybill number 220388.Enter your ID number as the account number.
  • You'll get an SMS with your unique PIN details,a Reference Number and a special Link

Access Metropol CRB services

After paying the registration fees ,now you're allowed to check your CRB status.

  • You can choose to dial *433# and enter PIN and you'll get your listing status through an SMS.
  • You can choose to use the metropol Crystobol app.Login and view you CRB status.
  • You can visit metropol website ,Login and view your listing status.
There are other services which you can also get from Metropol.Note that after payment of the required fees,you'll follow the same steps as checking your CRB status above.Pay all the fees the same way you paid for registration.
  • Credit Score-Pay kes150.You are entitled to one free credit report in a year.Pa only to get more than one report in a year. Metropol gives a score between 200 and 900.Any score below 400 will mean you're a defaulter and lender can't give you loans.Any score above 400 will mean fair and lenders will give you loans with a lot of caution.Good credit score is any score near 900 and lenders will give you cheap loans.
  • Credit Report- Pay kes250.This is a detailed report on how you interact with financial institutions.
  • Who listed you- Pay kes 50 to know who sent your name to the CRB.
  • Clearance Certificate- Pay kes2200.After clearing all your defaulted loans, you'll be issued with a clearance certificate
I confirmed with Metropol about the value of the changes early this year(2017) and they said they are up to date.

TransUnion CRB

TransUnion CRB services can be accessed via SMS number 21272 ,TranUnion Nipashe app and through TransUnion website.
If you have chosen to register with TransUnion CRB then follow these steps;

Register with TransUnion

  • Send your full names to 21272
  • Enter your ID number
  • Choose CC (meaning Credit Status)
  • Receive your CRB status.Good will mean a positive status(not blacklisted) while deafult will mean a negative status ( you are blacklisted)

Access Other TransUnion Services

  • Credit Report(CR)- You are entitled to one free credit report in a year.Pay kes 650 to Paybill number 212121 and account number should be you ID to get more than one report in a year.
  • Clearance Certificate (CC)- pay kes 2200 to Paybill number 212121 and enter your ID number as the account number.To get a clearance certificate, you'll need to register on transunion website using an email address.After payment claim your certificate by sending your Mpesa message to
I also confirmed early this year(2017) with TransUnion about the charges and they said that are up to date.

CreditInfo CRB

CreditInfo entirely works on the information they receive through emails.I tried to reach out to them about their charges but am still waiting for their reply up to now.When thy reply I'll update this post.

Currently, to register and access CRB services from Creditinfo,kindly follow the links below;

Looking for more information from any of the CRBs?You can contact CRBs in Kenya now.



  1. I have been blacklisted and i didnt default any loan, i hate this istitution caller crb

  2. One funny thing is that a client can list in 2 or all the 3, they are premium services (charge per text/inquiry) and there is no centralised system for the the three so have to confirm in atleast two to be sure.

    It is just kinda another betting company and "someone" is making a big kill in this scheme.

  3. Enter your comment...why am I blacklisted in crb

  4. Why the three crb companies doing the same thing, isn't this a duplication. Some is making a kill out of this.

  5. When was I blacklisted and who blacklisted me?

  6. When was I blacklisted and who blacklisted me

  7. When was I blacklisted and who blacklisted me

  8. i paid sh 100 to recieve my credit report but one day now i havent recieve any report from crb.......kindly help...

  9. I was blacklisted, but I cleared the debt, kindly clear me

  10. Enter your comment...why is my crediting rating when am clean?

  11. some saf guy sold me a no and now they are threatening me with crb i hate this

  12. I would wish to know who has shortlisted me and for what reason because I'm quite sure that to-date I've not defaulted any loan.

  13. How do I get my crb status?

  14. No report yet on credit status. Poor services

  15. Nice blog about loans Mr. Mwabaya Katana. I salute you for the educative contents your doing about loans in Kenya

  16. Hii kitu inaitwa haraka app is a scam...i payed all their loan they have no contacts can someone help out there....i need clearance

  17. please this is very urgent clear me and send me my batch number tired of waiting or i will sue the haraka company.....Hi!

    How are you doing? i hope this finds you name is Jackson Okombo,My National Id number is 22746732, cell phone number is 0724560564. Please i beg you in the name of the Lord,please up date my status with CRB. I cleared the loan on 16th January 2020 up to now. I have been really suffering in your hands,i have an emergency which i can not help unless you clear with CRB...Please send the batch number to CRB and my cell phone for clearance , i payed the full amount of 1050 on your pay bill no 817910, Please am your customer and i really need your help. Please respond to this immediately.

  18. Who listed me ,and how can i get to know,clear my number pls 0712333475.thanks


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