Wednesday, March 01, 2017

How To Contact Haraka Loan Support Centre

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How can I call Haraka loans team directly? This is what some of the loan app users have been asking me.I received emails in my inbox asking for the same Haraka loan contacts in Kenya.

For example Joseph wrote:


I am trying to get a loan from haraka loans but there is a pop that keeps you for password change required that I can't go beyond. please assist with their phone no.


Joseph Ndungu 072xxxxxx5

Sorry I have hidden some of Joseph's phone digits for privacy purposes. From the above example ,now you should know you're not alone in looking for haraka loan contacts.

How to Contact Haraka Suport Team

If you are haraka loan app user,after logging in,just toggle the menu on your top left corner.Select Email Support to send an email. Select Phone Support to get the phone numbers to call.

If you are not yet a haraka app user, you will use these contacts below.Note that they are the same contacts for everybody.

That's how you can reach out to Haraka loan app support centre for help.Thanks and share to friends.

Mwabaya Katana

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