3 Title Deed Loan Givers

Lenders who give loans against title deeds in kenya
Title Deeds

Lenders in Kenya giving out loans against land title deeds can be many, but most of them especially big commercial banks will emphasize on being employed and or running a business for more than six successful months and ask for deeds just as collateral.

If for example you have a viable idea and you want to use your deed to get some funding while you are unemployed ,it becomes unacceptable to most lenders .Reason?They just can't trust the way you're going to finance your loan.

Read Generally where to find title loans in kenya.

Luckily, the few lenders who can lend money after presenting a valued title in Kenya include the following in the list below.In general they give loan amounts at around 50% to 60% the value of your title deed.However, terms do change.If interested just call and and see how they can help.

1.Mwananchi Credit Limited

Mwananchi Credit remains the first lender to consider if you're looking for  a loan against your land title deed.
Hotline;0709 147000 
Call 0701396027 or 0731888825

2.Fairdeal For Cash

Fairdeal for cash is located along Mfangano Street in Nairobi.
Call 0722169168 or 0736161339

3.Springboard Capital Limited

This financier is located on 3rd floor CPA Centre KCA University along Thoka Road in Nairobi.
Call 0705715054 or 020 5133700-99

If you are employed or have a business in good condition,you can still visit any big commercial bank to secure even bigger sums of loans than the above lenders.

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