4 Pawn Shop Lenders - Giving Loans Against Items In Kenya

Loans and credit services offered against items as collateral in kenya
Sometimes mainstream lenders might not give out loans to some borrowers easily with some reasons like lack of substantial collateral or credit scores.Some lenders,who we'll name them here,mostly away from the mainstream lending business however, can accept goods or items that can easily be valued or previously valued as security against loans offered without considering much about credit score.These lenders keep the items for you until you clear your loan.

Loan Features.

In general, loans against items in Kenya are short term loans given within less than 24hrs and repayable in less than a year.
The amount of loan given per item is always a percentage of the item market value mostly placed at around 50% - 60%

Recommended Goods. 

The goods and items that can be accepted by lenders who offer loans against items include but not limited to electronics, household items and ownership documents.

  • Electronics- for example TV sets,laptops,SSmartphone and photocopiers
  • Household items- for example sofa sets,tables ,utensils,gas cookers,chairs and wardrobes
  • Ownership documents- for example land title deeds and car logbooks

Loans Against Items In Kenya - Lenders

Here is the list;

1. Instant Loans On Items Nairobi 

Instant Loans On Items Nairobi is the most preferred and trusted lender giving out loans to Kenyans against their owned items or goods.

Kindly call the nearest branch from here;

Call Instant Loans On Items Nairobi

2. Mombo Investment Limited

Mombo Investment limited is located at the LandMark Plaza,along Argwings Kodhek Rd in Hurlingham Nairobi.Mombo Investment accepts various items as collateral but keeps the percentage of item value disbursed closed.Its disclosed to the customer after reaching an agreement.

To give your goods to receive a loan from Mombo Investment, call;0706503230 or 0732503230.

This lender has since graduated into  Mombo  Sacco. 

3. Meridian Acceptances Limited

Meridian Acceptances specialises in accepting car logbooks as collateral against loans borrowed from them.The lender gives up to 50% the market value of your car.

Meridian Acceptances has three branch outlets located at Anniversary Towers,View Park Towers and Lavington in Nairobi City.

To turn your logbook to cash from Meridian Acceptances call 0713416460 or 0707787878 or 0706900002

4. Fairdeal 4 Cash 

Fairdeal for cash accepts a wide variety of valuable,electronics and ownership documents.The lender is located along Mfangano Street in Nairobi.

To get loans against your goods from Fairdeal for Cash, Call 0722169168 or 0736161339

Check Fairdeals For Cash Now

There might be other lenders out there who give loans against goods which we have not mentioned in this post.You can make us know through comments.

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