How To Apply For Loans From Youth Fund

Youth Enterprise Development Fund(YEDF) popularly known as Youth Fund is one of the kenyan government's initiatives together with Uwezo Fund,that seeks to empower youths in groups to participate actively in running successful business enterprises in order to eliminate unemployment and earn a living.

To apply for credit services from Youth Fund,teenagers must be in registered groups called 'chamas' from which they can come up with a business proposal and seek finance to realize the enterprise.
Youth fund beneficiary in kenya
Youth Fund Beneficiary

Youths in groups can apply for the funds from their various constituency  offices locations by visiting the youths wing thus the loans were termed as 'constituency based loans'

Required Documents 
There are some documents which must be presented while looking for funding from the Youth Fund.

  • Group registration certificate
  • Group membership list with copies of member Identification Cards
  • Group meeting minutes authorizing loan borrowing

How to apply for the Youth Fund Loan 

  1. Visit the youth wing at your constituency offices
  2. Collect and fill in the loan application forms
  3. Attach the required documents
  4. Take the forms back to  the youths office
  5. Wait for the Officer's response
If your borrowing process gets approved, the loan will be credited to your group bank account. That's all.Just remember to repay the loan when its due.

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