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Enwealth Financial Services Kenya

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Enwealth Financial Services Limited is a finance consulting and management services company aiming at improving Kenyans social welfare.

The financial services company with the tagline 'for a better tomorrow'  was formerly known as Liberty Pensions Services Limited biased to attending the retired before rebranding early May to Enwealth Financial Services Limited aiming at a large market.

Enwealth financial services kenya limited
Enwealth however,still gives the old people extremely more attention through health insurance packages in association with insurance companies to ensure a better life spent even after retirement.

Enwealth Services. 
The company provides financial services to its clients including;

  • Insurance
  • Financial Consulting services
  • Property Management
  • Fund Administration
Enwealth Contacts 
Enwealth Offices are located in Nairobi;
Morning side Office Park,
1st floor,
Suite D2,
Ngong Road.

Call :0788617443 or 0727617443

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