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KCB to Commit 5pc of Loan Book to Inuka

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Kenya Commercial Bank(KCB) will give 5%(percent) of its total loan book to the Kenya Bankers Association's (KBA) Inuka Programme  set up to benefit Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with cheap loans and training.

KCBGroup boss, Joshua Oigara passed the Inuka Programme message alongside the message about the new interest rate on new and existing loans being capped at 14.5%pa as per the new banking law yesterday.
Kcb commits 5%loan book to inuka kba programme

In addition, the Bank has also committed 5% of its loan book to support SMEs through the Kenya Bankers Association (KBA) Inuka programme for three years in which women and youth will enjoy 14.5% interest rate once their credit applications are successful. 

The KBA's Inuka Programme is valued at over kes30bn which will be availed in form of loans at 14.5%pa interest rate to qualifying youths and women running SMEs.

KCB being the largest lender in kenya have also been giving out Samsung S7 phones to its customers after doing some transaction tasks.Read KCB rewards it customers


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