3 Best Mortgage Lenders

Where can I get a house loan ? Who gives mortgage loans in kenya? Which lenders are the experts in Mortgages?

There are many home loan service providers in Kenya that can finance up to 100 percent the value of the house .

Commercial banks like KCB,Equity and Barclay's seem to be at the forefront in implementing easy acquisition of these loans,but today, we want to list financiers that solely deal in mortgage financing in kenya.

The most common mortgage plans in kenya include; home buying, home construction, house renovation and buying plots.Houses purchased can be home dwellings, residential rental houses,office blocks or shop or business stalls.

Why visit these 'mortgage only' lenders?Its because, their interest rates are friendly &  low and they are specialists in the housing industry.

1) Housing Finance Group (HF Group).

Housing finance home loans

Housing Finance (HF) is the main mortgage solutions provider in Kenya and the East African region as a whole .HF provide loans to both individuals and businesses for the purpose of house purchasing, house building  and  plots buying.

Read more on our post about Housing Finance Kenya

2) National Housing Corporation (NHC).

Nhc mortgage loans kenya

NHC  is a statutory body formed by a an act of Parliament to implement the government housing policies and programmes.

NHC has many duties concerning housing in kenya.The body constructs housing blocks,sales housing blocks,rents housing blocks and provide mortgage  loans to rural and peri-rural individuals wishing to construct permanent households.

Mortgage borrowers can apply up to a maximum of kes3000000 to finance the construction of permanent residential houses.The maximum loan repayment period is up to 10 years.

To find out more,contact NHC on;0724256403 or 0735993030

3) KUSCCO Lmited.

Kuscco house loans kenya mortgage

Kenya Union of Savings and Credit Cooperative (KUSCCO)Limited provide mortgage loans to sacco members and Saccos themselves.

House loan borrowers can apply for financing of the cost of a plot,a ready built house or the house construction.Just like Housing finance and NHC, the buildings financed through the mortgage loan can be used as dwelling homes ,rental residential houses, shopping stalls or office blocks.

To find out more,call ; 0722206331 or 0734899974

If we left any 'mortgage only' financial institution, drop a comment.Thanks.

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