Pesa Pata agent business

Pesa pata agent business
Pesa pata agent
A pesa pata agent lends small loans to people around.Pesa Pata agents lend to people mostly in their localities.Check a breakdown of a simple budget that can get one started as a pesa pata agent.

Estimated Budget.

Expenditure Distributions.

  1. Buy a mobile phone at ksh1000 (wiko lubi4,kaduda or kabambe)
  2. Buy a safaricom simcard at ksh100 
  3. Buy a ksh 50 airtime to activate the line
  4. Pay Pesa Pata entry fee(any amount above ksh100).Our recommended entry fee should be ksh3850 according to our budget.
Ready Market.
Who will you lend to?The ideal people to accept as borrowers are those your know better. They are mostly relatives,close friends and the immediate community dwellers.

Returns and Profits.
Whatever you lend comes back with some interest. Pesa pata interest rates are at 12 per cent in six months and 24 per cent in a year.For example if one lends out ksh3000 to a borrower  for one year,he/she will receive a total of ksh720 as interest.


  • You will receive 60% of the entry fee as part of the float as an agent.
  • You will receive weekly commission payments via M-pesa depending on the transactions you make.
  • Pesa Pata will do all the management part while you lend.
  • No physical office is required.

Call Pesa Pata to get started.

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