m-shwari,eazzy loan,m-benki,nic-now and DTB-mobile nominated Best mobile banking East Africa, Banker Africa Awards 2016

CBA's M-shwari,KCB' m-benki,Equity' equitel,NIC Bank's nic-now and DTB's DTB-mobile were nominated under the category of Best mobile Banking service in East Africa during the announcement of Banker of Africa 2016 East Africa on 13th April this year.This shows how Kenya is advanced in the mobile banking sector as all nominees for this category were Kenyan financial institutions beating all banks in Tanzania ,Sudan South ,Uganda,Rwanda and even Ethiopia.

Which one of the above mobile banking service platforms would yo vote the best before 10th May 2016?We understand that kenyans have tested and even continued to access banking services over their mobile phones through these banking platforms. If you wish to vote ,visit CPI Financial website.Mobile banking platforms which missed nominations includeCooperative bank's M-coop cash, Bank of Africa's B-mobile,Family bank's pesa pap among others.

Nominated for Best Mobile Banking services East Africa 2016.

nic bank nic now
NIC bank Nic-now

KCB m-benki
KCB m-benki

equity bank equitel eazzy loan
dtb-mobile kenya

CBA m-shwari
Commercial bank of Africa (CBA) m-shwari.


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