Barclays Africa Ready Buyers Named, KCB misses Out.

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Following the announcement that Barclays PLC will be selling down its shares in Barclays Africa, KCB Group showed interest in buying Barclays Bank of Kenya(BBK) according to Business Daily.
Last week however, according to Financial Times, Former Barclays Bank CEO,Robert Diamond mentioned some of the potential investors targeted to buy all shares from all Barclays banks outside South Africa which can generate 20% of all Barclays Africa profits.

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Diamond is campaigning for a bid takeover for Barclays shares in Kenya, Uganda, Mauritius, Tanzania, Botswana, Ghana, Nigeria, Mozambique and Seychelles. The former CEO is also trying to encourage states associated to disregard mergers!

Robert Diamond who is founder of Atlas Mara Ltd, a company already owning shares from banks operating in more than seven African countries seemed to know much about African banking dynamics a reason why Barclays rely much on him.

Barclays Potential buyers
Diamond who is also eyeing to own Union Bank of Nigeria, mentioned that;
" He added that sovereign wealth funds in the Middle East and Asia are seen as the most likely sources of funding.”"
Now you know!

The south African fraction of Barclays Bank trading as Absa was not mentioned by the Atlas Mara CEO as being sold to the East.Maybe he wants to buy it because he already blocked Nedbank and FirstRand from participating.

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