5 New Loan Apps in Kenya 2024

Explore 5 new loan apps in Kenya 2024 including ZK Pesa, DotCash, AirPesa, Helasasa and SC Juza.

Loan apps also known as palm loans is a big business in our country and today we'll explore the latest mobile loan apps in Kenya 2024.

The list will consist of only loan apps launched this year - 2024.

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The Approach

How did I arrive at the list of loan apps below? The method involved identifying newly uploaded loan apps on Google play store and Apple Appstore with a keen observation in the dates. 

By doing this  I was able to come up with a list of the new mobile loan apps in Kenya 2024.

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Latest Loan Apps in Kenya 2024

Let's now look at the new loan apps and their features starting a summary; 

App Name Date Launched
ZK Pesa 01/04/2024
AirPesa 13/05/2024
DotCash 06/02/2024
Helasasa 19/04/2024
SC Juza 05/05/2024 (Relaunch)

ZK Pesa Loan App 

ZK Pesa loan app logo

ZK Pesa loan app was launched on 1st April,2024.

ZK loan launch date Screenshot

The app is owned by Chapeo Capital Limited, one of the CBK licensed Digital Credit Providers (DCP).

With ZK Pesa a customer can get loan amounts ranging from Ksh2,000 to Ksh40,000 at an interest rate ranging from 12% to 36% APR.

If you happen to take a loan from ZK Pesa, you should be able to pay back within 61 days to 365 days.

ZK Pesa Loan App Download 

Before you can proceed to get loans from this lender, you need to download ZK Pesa loan app from Google play store.

After you create your account, ZK Pesa will then allow you apply for loans in respect to tour awarded loan limit.

Approved loan is directly disbursed to the borrowers M-Pesa wallet.

ZK Pesa Loan Requirements 

Who qualifies to use ZK Pesa loan app to access loans? 

To get loans you must; 

  • Be a Kenyan citizen 
  • Have a National Identity Card
  • Have a stable income 
  • Have a mobile wallet - M-Pesa 

ZK Pesa Loan Payment 

The shortest mandatory loan payment duration is 30 days. A customer can however pay even up to 61 days to 365 days upon arrangement.

When loan repayment date is due,a customer uses the M-Pesa Xpress option from within the app. This eliminates the need for manually filling out the ZK Pesa paybill number.

Can ZK Pesa list a defaulter in CRB? Yes. This is because ZK Pesa is owned by a licensed DCP - Chapeo Capital Limited.

In this regard, customers are always advised to pay back ZK Pesa loans to avoid CRB blacklisting.

ZK Pesa Customer Care Contacts 

Just like any other company,you can reach out to ZK Pesa customer care via the contacts below; 

0719 532929
60 Peponi Road, Nairobi 

Working hours are from Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm. 

AirPesa Loan App 

AirPesa Loan App Logo

The app is owned by DotCash Credit Limited.

The app was launched on 13th May 2024.
AirPesa Loan App Launch Date Screenshot

AirPesa loan limits ranges from Ksh1,000 to Ksh120,000 at an interest rate ranging from 36% to 72% APR.

The repayment duration for AirPesa loans if from 91 days to 180 days. 

AirPesa Loan App Download 

To apply for loans, you must download Airpesa loan app from Google play store and create your account.

Upon loan approval,the amount is deposited to the customers M-Pesa account instantly.

AirPesa Requirements 

A customer must have the following qualifications to use airpesa; 
  • Be a Kenyan citizen 
  • Be 20 years or above 
  • Have a stable income 

AirPesa Loan Payment 

Loan payment is done via M-Pesa Xpress within the app. 

A customer has 91 days to 180 days to make a loan repayment.

AirPesa Customer Care Contacts 

Incase you need help, you can contact AirPesa customer care via the contact details below; 

Email: support@airpesa.net
Location: Daykio Plaza Nairobi. 

DotCash Loan App 

DotCash Loan App Logo

Owned by DotCash Credit Limited, DotCash loan app is also one of the latest loan apps in Kenya 2024.

DotCash loan app was launched on 6th February 2024.
DotCash Loan App Launch Date Screenshot

With the app a customer can get loans ranging from Ksh1000 to Ksh80,000 disbursed instantly to M-Pesa account.

DotCash loan interest rate is 36% maximum APR.

DotCash Loan App Download 

A customer can download DotCash loan app in Google play store and create his or her account.

On getting a loan limit, a customer can now apply for loans. Approved loans get disbursed instantly and directly to the borrowers M-Pesa wallet.

DotCash Loan Requirements 

The app requires that a customer has the following qualifications; 
  • Be Kenyan resident
  • Be 18 years to 60 years 
  • Have a source of income 

DotCash Loan Payment 

With M-Pesa integration, a customer can pay via M-Pesa Xpress without using DotCash paybill number.

DotCash loan payment duration is from 91 days to 365 days.

DotCash Loan Customer Care Contacts 

To get help, a customer can use the contact details below;


Helasasa Loan App

Helasasa Loan App Logo
Helasasa is a new loan app in Kenya owned by Lighting Micro.

The app was launched on 19th April,2024.

Helasasa Loan App Launch Date Screenshot

With Helasasa loan app a customer can get loan amounts ranging from Ksh6,000 to Ksh50,000 at an interest rate ranging from 12% to 36% . 

The type of loans from Helasasa is a line of credit.

Helasasa Loan App Download 

In order to apply for loans, a customer must download Helasasa loan app on Google play store and create his or her account.

A customer will be given a loan limit before applying for the service.

Approved loans will be deposited directly into the customer's M-Pesa account.

Helasasa Loan Requirements 

To be eligible, a customer must have the following qualifications; 
  • Be a citizen of Kenya 
  • Have a fixed income 
  • Have an active personal M-Pesa account 
  • Be 20 years to 65 years 

Helasasa Loan Customer Care Contacts 

Customers can look for help via the following Helasasa contacts; 


Bonus App

SC Juza Loan App 

SC Juza Loan App Logo

SC Juza was relaunched on 5th May 2024 and that's why I have decided to add it to this list but as a bonus.
SC Juza Relaunch Date Screenshot

The app was first launched on April 2023.

With SC Juza loan app , a customer can get loan amounts ranging from Ksh1,000 to Ksh100,000 instantly at an interest rate of 6.58% per month 

Alot of customers though complain of being denied loans and asked to apply again after 30 days according to the reviews on Google play store.

SC Juza Loan App Download 

You can now find and download the updated, relaunched SC Juza loan app on Google play store.

Once you create your account,the app will tell you if you qualify for a certain loan amount right away or be denied and directed to apply again in 30 days.

SC Juza Loan Requirements 

To be eligible for SC Juza loans, a customer must be a Kenyan with a valid Identification Card and an M-Pesa personal account.

SC Juza Customer Care Contacts 

To get assistance,you can contact Standard Chartered Bank via the phone numbers below;

0722 203666

0732 143900


New loan apps in Kenya launched in 2024 add to the growing list of already existing apps giving borrowers a wide range of loan app options.

It's advisable to try the new loan apps today if you're looking for fast mobile loans via M-Pesa in 2024. This is because,the apps have proven to be easy in giving loans compared to the existing old apps.

It's also advisable to approach loan apps for loans with the utmost caution and this is due to a history of high interest rates and short repayment durations.

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