M-Kopa x20 Smartphone: How to get the phone on loan

See how to get the new M-Kopa x20 smartphone on loan today and enjoy it's amazing features
In addition to providing popular phone brands like Samsung and Nokia on credit, M-Kopa has introduced its own new x20 for customers to enjoy.

In this article I will be sharing how you can get the new Mkopa x20 smartphone and it's specifications.

Mkopa x20 smartphone Specifications 

The gadget comes with a 50MP front and back camera in addition to other quality features including; 

  • 6GB RAM
  • 256GB storage 
  • 5000mAh battery 
  • Type C charger 
  • 20w fast charging 
  • 6.5" HD+
  • 20:9 Display 
  • 90Hz refresh rate 

Mkopa x20 smartphone features

M-Kopa x20 Smartphone Images 

Enjoy a gallery of the new Mkopa x20 smartphone from different existing users in Kenya; 
Mkopa x20 smartphone

Mkopa x20 smartphone

Mkopa x20 smartphone

M-Kopa x20 Cost 

How much will this phone cost you the customer?

Mkopa x20 will cost a customer a total of Ksh 38,974 distributed as follows in a year; 

Deposit - ksh4299
Daily payment - Ksh95

How to Get x20 smartphone from Mkopa 

For anyone interested in this new Mkopa new x20,here is what to do; 

  • Visit any nearest M-Kopa Retail shop or agent near you
  • Provide your ID, M-Pesa Number and Deposit required (ksh4299)
  • Walk away with the new Mkopa x20 smartphone.
You'll be required to pay Ksh95 as the daily installment for you phone to work.

Other available Mkopa phones on loan at the moment include; 

  • Nokia C22 ,64GB memory - pay ksh3000 deposit and daily ksh70.
  • Nokia C32, 128GB memory - pay a deposit of ksh4000 and daily ksh85.
  • Samsung A04e ,32GB memory - pay ksh3100 deposit and daily ksh71.
  • Samsung A05, 64GB - pay ksh4200 as deposit and daily ksh80 installment. 


The Mkopa x20 new smartphone is currently the best Mkopa smartphone you can get on credit.

The phone has all the latest and best features as described above which will actually make the customers life much easier.

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