Moniepoint USSD Code: How to Use,Pros and Cons

It's now possible to use a Moniepoint USSD code to access services from the microfinance bank in Nigeria.

This follows after a recent launch of the moniepoint USSD code*5573#.
Moniepoint microfinance bank logo
Moniepoint Microfinance Bank Logo

In this article I will be sharing information about the USSD code,uses and how to get started.

Moniepoint Microfinance Bank 

What is Moniepoint MFB? The lender is a popular CBN registered microfinance institution in Nigeria.

In addition to the moniepoint app, the lender decided to launch a USSD code for security and more convenience.

Moniepoint USSD Code

The Moniepoint USSD code is *5573#. A customer can dial this code and access his or her moniepoint account at any time without connection to the internet.

The USSD code is good because it has allowed even customers using feature phones to enjoy convenience in banking with moniepoint.

How to Use Moniepoint USSD

Before one can use the USSD code,he or she must visit a nearest moniepoint branch outlet and sign up for the service.

You'll need to provide a mobile phone number which you'll be using to access the bank services from.

After successful registration, the customer will now be able to use moniepoint USSD code*5573# via the mobile phone at any time.

To use moniepoint USSD code, simple dial on your phone*5573# then enter your PIN.

A list of options will be displayed for you to choose why you wanted to do with tour moniepoint account at that moment.

Moniepoint USSD Financial Services 

What services can a customer access via the moniepoint USSD code? The code allows a customer to access a variety of services including; 
  • Check Account Balance
  • Change PIN
  • Transfer Funds
  • Buy Airtime or Data
  • Block or Unblock Account Access

Moniepoint USSD Pros

What are the advantages of moniepoint USSD code? Here are the pros
  • Convenience in accessing services
  • Fast access to accounts
  • Inclusivity
  • Security

Moniepoint USSD Cons 

What are the disadvantages of Moniepoint USSD Code. Here are the cons 
  • Can lead to misuse of funds due to easy access
  • Sign up process requires bank hall visits


Moniepoint USSD code is a good thing the lender has done by bringing inclusivity and security.

In addition with  the USSD code a customer can access the bank's services at anytime and at anywhere.

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