Loan Apps Under Dexintec Kenya Limited

Dexintec Kenya limited is one of the mobile money lending tech companies in Kenya.

As a licensed Digital Credit Provider (DCP), Dexintec Kenya limited has the go ahead to own loan apps. So ,which apps are owned by this company? 

Luckily,in this article I will be sharing information about loan apps under Dexintec Kenya limited.

Dexintec Kenya Limited Loan Apps 

Before, people never bothered to know who are the owners of the operating loan apps. But today,it's very important to know and everyone is serious about it.

Just like any other DCP, Dexintec Kenya limited is expected to have one or more loan apps under their roof. 

Unfortunately,at the moment, there's no loan app on Google play store which explicitly shows to be associated with Dexintec Kenya Limited.

Maybe the app are there but available somewhere else but not on Google play store.

Most probably, Dexintec Kenya Limited has Loan APK files hosted elsewhere.

Am on the lookout for the apps and whenever I find them,I'll update this article.

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