Dotcash Loan App Download: Fast Acces to Credit

Dotcash loan app is a finance app providing fast access to credit to borrowers in Kenya.

The app is owned and managed by Dotcash Credit Limited.
Dotcash loan app logo
Dotcash Loan App Logo

In this article I will be sharing information about the loan app including Dotcash loan app download,loan limits, interest rates and contacts.

Dotcash Loan App Requirements

But before you can proceed to know more about the app, here are the requirements for Dotcash loan applicants; 
  1. Be a Kenyan citizen
  2. Be 18 years to 60 years
  3. Have a source of income 

Dotcash loan app download

The app is the platform where a customer can access loans via M-PESA.

A customer must download dotcash loan app before applying for loans.

To get the app you go to Google play store, search for Dotcash Loan App,then download the app and install it into your smartphone. The app is available for android smartphone users only.

Although not recommended,some individuals like to download dotcash loan app APK files from online sources. 

Kindly note that,at the moment there is no Dotcash loan app for iPhone (iOS devices).

Dotcash loan app download and installation takes just a few minutes to complete.

You can then create your account by providing your details and creating your PIN.

Once your account is ready, Dotcash app will give a customer a loan limit before he or sh can apply.

Now let's look at the Dotcash loan features below.

Dotcash Loan Features

I'll share the most important features which are loan limits and interest rates.

Dotcash loan limits ranges from sh 1000 to sh 80,000. A customer gets a loan limit in regard to the above amounts.

Some customers get a zero (0) loan limit which means not approved for any loan amount. Such customers can try again some time later.

But for those awarded a good loan limit,they can proceed to apply for the amounts and once approved,the money is directly deposited into the customer's M-Pesa account.

Another important Dotcash loan features which prospective customers should know is Dotcash loan interest rates.

At the moment, dotcash loan interest rate is 36% per year, which is the maximum APR. 

The interest rate tells a customer how expensive or affordable a loan is.

Now that you know the lender's features, let me share the loan application process below.

How to apply for Dotcash Loans 

The application process is simple as follows; 
  • Login to Dotcash loan app
  • Confirm your loan limit
  • Select loan amount to apply for
  • Submit your application
After making a loan application, the app makes a decision either to give you the loan or deny. 

Approved loans are sent instantly to the customer's M-Pesa wallet.

Once received, the next step is to pay Dotcash loan when due.

How pay Dotcash Loans

Dotcash loan payment duration is 30 days. The actual repayment arrangements however,can go up to 91 or 365 days.

To pay Dotcash loans, you can use M-Pesa paybill or M-Pesa Xpress.

If you know Dotcash paybill number, go to M-Pesa on your phone and pay via lipa na M-PESA. Ensure to write your M-Pesa number as the account number.

The most convenient way however,is via M-PESA Xpress. Just login to your Dotcash app and select pay. A pop-up window will show for you to enter your M-Pesa PIN and submit.

Once paid, you'll get a notification from both M-Pesa and Dotcash that your loan is cleared and you can apply again.

Dotcash Loan App Reviews

Is Dotcash loan app legit? Yes. The app actually gives out loans. Because it's a very new loan app, there are very few reviews on Google play store.

The rating is 3.6/5 stars rated by 18 customers.
Dotcash ratings screenshot
Dotcash loan app ratings screenshot 

Dotcash Loan Contacts

You can contact the lender via the contact below;

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