Tala online loan application procedure

If you're living in Kenya,you can't ignore that fact that Tala is the oldest and most used loan app of all time.

In this regard, majority of Kenyans already know how to apply for tala loans online,but if you're one person who is new and have finally decided to try the mobile loan app, then this article is for you.

What is Tala 

Tala is the mobile loan app which is a household name when it comes to delivering fast emergency loans via M-PESA.

It's the same loan app which started as Mkopo Rahisi while introducing the mobile app lending business in the country in 2014.

Tala is now a licensed Digital Credit Provider (DCP) in the country and can blacklist defaulters to CRB.

Tala Mobile,which is the parent company resides in the United States and has spread Tala apps across more than 3 countries including; Philippines, Mexico, India, Tanzania and Kenya.

I believe,if you've never interacted with Tala app since 2014 ,then you must be missing something good.

Tala has evolved much since 2014 In addition to changing the logo, the loan limits also changed. Initially,the maximum limit was sh30,000 but now, a customer can get up to sh50,000.

One thing however,never changed and it's the ability to deliver quick reliable loans.

Tala loan app

Let's also have a talk about the app itself. Tala app is lightweight,easy to use and eye catching.

Its available for download on Google play store. Although there are Tala app APK files available on different online sources,the recommendation source is Google play store.

Tala loan online application process

Of course everyone is busy looking for money. For that reason,let's now dive straight to how one get money from Tala app.

Loan application is entirely online. No guarantors, office visits or collateral to serve as security for the loan.

As already said above, the maximum loan amount is sh50,000 but for most first time applicants the approved limit is sh1000. 

Tala interest rate is 0.3% per day which is extremely low compared to a majority of the loan apps in the market. 

I know you really want to go to the loan application process right away but again I hope it's important to know the requirements for one to apply for tala loans.

Tala loan requirements

Don't worry, because no collateral is needed. But to apply you must fulfill the following;
  1. Be a Kenyan citizen
  2. Be 18 years or above
  3. Have a safaricom line which is M-Pesa enabled (with a functional M-PESA account).
If you have the above qualifications, you're good to see the loan application process below.

But before you can apply you must have the Tala app, create your account and then apply for the loan.

Tala App Download

Tala loan app screenshot on Google play store
Tala App Screenshot on Google play store 

As already said earlier,you can go to Google play store, search for Tala and download the app.

Your android smartphone must be compatible with the app. Unfortunately,those using iPhones can't use Tala at the moment. This is because there's no Tala app iOS version. 

Create your Tala account

Once the app is installed,you can proceed to open the app, put your safaricom M-Pesa enabled number,create your Tala PIN and wait to be given a loan limit.

Each customer gets a loan limit depending on the data available in your phone which the app uses for assessment for example M-Pesa messages.

Tala loan application

Now it's time to apply for the online Tala loan. Here are the steps; 
Tala app screenshot

  • Login to your Tala App using your PIN
  • Select 'Apply Now'
  • Fill in the loan application questions
  • Submit the answers
  • Get approved for a loan
  • View loan offer
  • Select amount and duration to pay
  • Submit
  • Loan amount is deposited into your M-Pesa account 
That way you'll be through with making a Tala loan online application. If you're looking for a loan next time you'll follow the same process.

Fortunately,Tala allows top up loans. This is after the introduction of Tala line of credit loan services.

For this reason,you can apply for tala loan many time in a month (30 days) provided that your awarded loan limit is not exhausted.

But remember to pay Tala loans on time to increase your loan limit .

Do you know how to pay Tala loans online? Here is the process.

Pay Tala loans online

There are two ways to pay Tala loans.

Tala App loan payments

  • Login to Tala app 
  • Select pay
  • Select partial or full 
  • Choose M-Pesa
  • A pop up will show where you'll fill in your M-Pesa PIN and submit.

Tala Paybill Number 851900

  • You can go to M-Pesa menu on your phone
  • Select Lipa na M-PESA
  • Select Paybill
  • Enter business number 851900
  • Enter loan amount due
  • Enter M-PESA PIN
  • Submit

Both Tala and M-PESA will provide messages confirming the transaction went through. 

When you login to your Tala app, you'll see that you're eligible to apply for a loan again.


The process of applying for tala loans online is straightforward and should take a few minutes. Once approved, you'll receive the loan amount in your M-Pesa account. Just remember to pay your loans on time. 

Paying Tala loans on time will increase chances of getting high loan limits in future. Again,it will help in CRB whitelisting. Defaulting leads to CRB blacklisting.

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