Newly Licensed Digital Lenders and Associated Loan App Details

The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) Wednesday kept its word of licensing more Digital Credit Providers (DCP) as promised last year by permitting 19 into the market.

In this article I will be sharing information about the newly licensed digital credit lenders and the associated loan apps.

But first let's us have a look at the list of 19 given the permission to operate. 

19 Newly Licensed Digital Credit Providers (DCP). 

Here are the new digital lenders granted permission by the CBK to operate in the Kenyan lending market;
  1. Azura Credit 
  2. Chapeo Capital 
  3. Chime Capital
  4. Decimal Capital
  5. Creditarea Capital
  6. Dexintec Kenya Limited
  7. Fezotech Kenya Limited
  8. Factorhouse Limited
  9. Fortune Credit Limited
  10. Lobelitec Credit
  11. Maralal Ledger
  12. Mable Capital Solutions
  13. MKM Capital
  14. Zillions Credit Limited
  15. Pi Capital
  16. Ubapesa limited
  17. Senti Capital 
  18. Lipa later
  19. Autocheck 
Digital credit providers list
Newly licensed digital credit providers list

Let's now look at the details of each of the licensed lenders named above and the associated loan apps on Google play store; 

Chapeo Capital

Chapeo App Logo
Chapeo App Logo 

This lender provides both instant mobile loans and salary payroll loans. 

To get started,you need to go to the Google play store,search for Chapeo App, download and install the app.

From there,you can then create your account. This involves registering by providing your details.

Once account is created,you will be able to see your loan limit and proceed to apply.

Chapeo loans are directly deposited into the customers M-Pesa account.

To provide payroll loans, Chapeo has partnered with several employers. If your employer is a partner you can get salary advance loans.

Azura Credit Limited 

This lender is associated with TruePesa loan app. It's the company funding loans delivered via TruePesa.

To get loans from TruePesa,go to Google play store, search for the app and install to your smartphone.

TruePesa gives loans ranging from 1,500 to 80,000.

Pi Capital

This is the parent company for Bayes loan app. 

With Bayes, a customer can get from 1000 to 500,000 as loan.

Loans from Bayes include; Instant mobile loans and Logbook loans.
 To get the app ,go to Google play store and search for Bayes .

Creditarea Capital

The lender is associated with Kashbean loan app. 

Kashbean loan app gives up sh80,000 as loan disbursed to the customer's M-Pesa account.

To get Kashbean loans, you'll have to search for the app on Google play store and download.

Fezotech Kenya Limited

Mobile loan apps under Fezotech Kenya Limited include; Mojacredit loan app, SongaCash loan app , Helacash loan app and Directcash loan app.

To use Fezotech services, you will have to go to Google play store search for any of the above named loan apps and download.

Ubapesa limited

Ubapesa limited is the lender associated with with ubapesa loan app which serves as a loan matching platform.

To get started,go to Google play store, search for ubapesa and download the app.

Zillions Credit Limited

Zillions Credit Limited is the company running Cash loan app and Meta loan app. 

To get zillions credit services, you'll have to go to Google play store and search for Zash or Meta loan apps.

Senti Capital

Senti Capital owns senti loan app which is a mobile lender providing loans up to sh70,000.

To get loans from senti, go to Google play store and search for senti loan app, download and install in your smartphone.

Lipa Later

Lipa later is the lender which have been providing items on credit terms.

You can find the lipa later app on Google play store by searching the name lipa later app. 


Autocheck is the lender behind the financing of cars (both new and used) in Kenya. 

To get autocheck car financing, you can visit website and get started. 
Autocheck website screenshot
Autocheck website screenshot 

Autocheck also provide logbook loans to qualified customers.

Licensed Digital Lenders in Kenya

The CBK received 408 applications from potential digital credit providers (DCP) asking for approval to carry out business in the country.

Out of the 408 applicants, the CBK approved only 51 claiming the rest didn't reach the set requirements.

Other digital credit providers previously approved include; Anjoy, Giando, Fourth Generation Capital,Pezesha,Zenka Digital, Tala Mobile,Mywagepay among others.

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