Ceres tech limited loan app download :What I know

Ceres tech limited is one of the 51 CBK licensed Digital Credit Providers (DCP) to operate in the lending market.

Normally,the names of the DCP doesn't correspond to the name of the operating loan app. And this is because a DCP can own more than one app.

That's why in this article I'll be sharing information and what I know about Ceres tech limited loan app. 

There are some questions people are asking out there. For example people ask ;  Can I download Ceres tech limited loan app? Is Ceres tech limited app on Google play store?how can one apply for loans from Ceres tech limited loan app? What are the Ceres tech limited loan requirements? Among other questions.

Ceres Tech Limited Loan App: Is this available for Download

Is there a loan app with the name Ceres Tech Limited? Unfortunately No

Ceres Tech Limited loan app is not on Google play store and there's also no APK files for the app online.

You see ,the licensed DCP are allowed to create and manage several loan apps and Ceres Tech Limited is one of them. 

In this regard, there's is no loan app with the name Ceres tech limited.

Take for example Mywagepay which is a licensed DCP. This company manages several apps on Google play store including; KeCredit loan app, FairKash loan app and TruePesa loan app. 

If you look at Risine ,which is another DCP, it manages Creditmoja loan app, kashWay loan app,iPesa loan app among others.

Another thing is that it's not a must for a DCP to operate a loan app. As long as the financial services are delivered digitally,that a DCP.

Take for example Autocheck, which is a licensed DCP but provides logbook loans and car asset finance online.
In conclusion,at the moment there is no app called Ceres tech limited. 
It is not clear which app is being managed by Ceres tech limited at the moment. Poa Cash was the only app belonging to Ceres Tech Limited and it got removed out of Google play store.

You can also visit Ceres Tech Limited Website to learn more about the DCP.
Ceres Tech Limited website screenshot
Ceres tech limited website screenshot 

Ceres tech limited FAQs

What is the Ceres Tech Limited Customer Care Number? 

The phone number is : 0702 038 679

What is the Ceres Tech Limited Loan USSD Code?

Unfortunately there is no USSD Code for Ceres Tech Limited at the moment.

What is Ceres Tech Limited Email Addresses?

The email address is : cerestechltdke@gmail.com

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