ZimLoan: App Download, Application Process, Requirements

ZimLoan is a salary advance loan facility accessible entirely online in less than 5 minutes in Zimbabwe.

In this article I will be sharing what I know about Zim loan, including;

  • ZimLoan Interest Rates
  • ZimLoan limits
  • Pay zimloan
  • ZimLoan requirements
  • ZimLoan contacts
  • Conclusion

Zimloan requirements

To qualify to apply for Zim loans, you must have the following; 
  • Be a citizen of Zimbabwe
  • Be holding a national identification card 
  • Have a source of income
  • Be a 1Money or EcoCash customer

Zimloan application

The loan is entirely online. To apply go to zimloan website (zimloan.com) and select 'Get my loan'
You'll be required to input your EcoCash or 1money phone number to proceed with the application process.

Upon successful submission of tour loan application,the team at zimloan will evaluate your application and come up with a decision - to give loan or deny.

Upon loan approval,the amount will be deposited into your EcoCash or 1Money mobile account.

ZimLoan Limits

Loans go up to US$100 disbursed to the borrower's mobile money account.

Not everyone can get the maximum loan amount of 100 USD. Some get as low as 30 USD.

Zimloan Interest Rates

Zimloan Interest rate is 20% on average. 

This means a customer who takes $30 will pay $36 in 14 days. 

Pay Zimloan

Loan payment is done after minimum of 14 days. Loan payment is done via EcoCash or 1Money mobile accounts as directed upon loan approval.

Just like any other loans, always remember to pay Zimloans on time to avoid damaging your credit score. 

Zimloan app 

Is there Zim loan app to download? No. There is no zimloan app to download for both android smartphones and iPhones.

Zimloan is entirely online via the website.


Zimloan is the lender to consider for salary advance loans in Zimbabwe for those employed. 

Being a short term loan however, borrowers are advised to take enough precautions before taking the loans. This is because it's very easy to miss payments when loans are due.


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