Tala first loan limit 5000

Can a customer get a Tala loan limit of ksh 5,000 as a first time applicant? Yes, it's possible.

In this article I will be sharing information about tala loan app available limits and how to achieve a first time loan limit of 5000.
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Tala loan limits

Currently Tala loan limits range from ksh 1,000 to ksh 50,000. This range covers both first time loans and existing clients loan limits.

According to Tala, your loan limit is calculated using a variety of factors including your credit score and mpesa usage.

Tala first loan limit

The first loan limit is usually ksh 1,000. This is because the app will be continuing to learn more about you ,the customer. With time, while keeping the app installed, the limit is expected to increase.

How to increase Tala loan limit 

There are a number of ways you can try to help increase your Tala loan limit. 

Here are some; 
  • Pay Tala loans on time always 
  • Keep Tala app installed always
  • Keep your mpesa messages - never delete them
  • Transact frequently via mpesa
  • Pay other lenders on time 

Tala first loan limit ksh 5,000

For those asking if it's possible to get a loan limit of 5000 from Tala as a first time customer, you should read this.

It's very possible to get a Tala first loan limit at ksh 5000. It's not a very common scenario but actually occurs. 

Customers who can immediately get a 5000 as Tala first loan limit are those who are overqualified - customer with an extremely good credit score and enough data in their mobile phones especially mpesa messages which is proving the customer's financial capabilities. 


It's possible to get a Tala loan limit of 5000 as a first time loan applicant only if you have the required qualifications as mentioned above.

However, in many cases, customers start at a Tala loan limit of ksh 1000.




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