Rockcash loan app download: What I know

Rockcash loan app is a finance app providing online loans to borrowers in Kenya.

In this article I will be giving information about rock cash loan app.
Rockcash loan app screenshot
Rockcash loan app screenshot 

Rockcash loan features 

According to the information found on their website (, rockcash loans ranges from ksh 50,000 to ksh 100,000.

Rockcash loan interest rate is 15% per year.

Rockcash loan app download 

This app is not found on Google play store. You can access Rockcash loan app APK file form their website -

Is there Rockcash loan app new and old versions available? The only version available on their website is the rockcash loan app new version.

Rockcash loan app download for iPhone, Android

At the moment Rockcash is only available to Android smartphone users. This information is available on their website.

In this regard, you can't download rockcash loan app for iPhone.

Rock cash loan application 

To apply for rockcash loans, you'll have to download rockcash loan app from their website and create your account first.

After successful creating your account, you'll then need to login to your rockcash loan app account and apply.

Rockcash loan app Reviews

Is Rockcash loan legit or Scam? At the moment I can say its legit or scam. I've not yet tried the app.

Note: Always remember not to pay fees to get online loans.

Rockcash loan customer care contacts

There are no rockcash loan phone numbers at the moment. I hope communication is done via the app.

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