InnBucks Loans: Details of the Salary Based Loans

InnBucks Loans are loan facilities provided by the InnBucks MicroBank Ltd in Zimbabwe. 

But why is InnBucks loans popular today? In this article I will be sharing information about InnBucks Loans features, application process and requirements.

InnBucks Loans Features

InnBucks MicroBank Ltd provides two groups of loans - Personal loans and Business loans.

In this article I will be focusing on the most popular product - Personal Salary Based Loan. 

For the salary based loan, the limits will entirely depend on the customer's pay - the higher the pay the higher the loan limit and vice versa.

Other factors may include existing loans in the borrower's pay slip

InnBucks Salary Based Loan

This loan facility is available to those individuals in formal employment for example SSB,ZRP and ZRCS. 

So, the first qualifications to apply for InnBucks loans is to be in formal employment sectors.

InnBucks loan application

Now if you want to apply, you must go to InnBucks website ( and download the loan application forms.

You must be working with an employer who is in partnership with InnBucks to be considered for the loan. 

This is because,the loan amount will be deducted from your salary when due. 

Why InnBucks is popular

Right now, InnBucks loan is popular. Why? This is because,the lender has provided a quick way for borrower's to access loans in Zimbabwe before payday.

The good part is that the loans are in US dollars.

Is InnBucks loans legit

Yes. InnBucks loans is legit. The lender InnBucks MicroBank Ltd is a registered lender in Zimbabwe.

InnBucks Loans Contacts

You can use the contacts below to get help from InnBucks; 

Toll free number:569(toll free)
WhatsApp: +263 78 133 1731



If you're looking for quick salary advance loans, you can consider InnBucks.

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