Zambian Loans: Best Loan Apps, Online Loans

Zambian loans refer to loan facilities available to the citizens of Zambia and in this article we'll look at the best loan apps and online loans.

We're going to keep bank loans out of this conversation because it usually takes a long process to get loans approved after application.

We have found, however,other loan options which look simple and easy in application and approval and these are mobile loan apps and online loans.

Now let's look at the Zambian loan apps and online loans which are reliable, true, trusted and best for fast loans.

Zambian Loan Apps 

1. Rapid Loan Pro App

Rapid loan Pro logo
Rapid Loan Pro Logo

With Rapid Loan Pro, a customer can get loans ranging from ZMW100 to ZMW20,000.

Rapid loan Pro interest rate is up to 24%  per year APR.

The loan payment duration is from 91 days to 365 days.

To get loans download Rapid loan Pro from Google play store 

2. Mwachangu Loan App 

Mwachangu loan app logo
Mwachangu Loan App Logo 

Mwachangu provide loans ranging from ZMW100 to ZMW5000 instantly. 

The loan interest rate is from 19.35% to 31.29% per year.

Loan repayment duration is from 91 days to 180 days.

You can download Mwachangu Loan App to give it a try.

3. AmberCash Loan App 

AmberCash Loans ranges from ZMW1000 to ZMW20,000 disbursed instantly upon loan approval.

The interest rate is 18.45% maximum APR.

Read more about AmberCash

4. Rapid Loan App

Rapid loan is similar to Rapid loan Pro. Loans range from ZWM100 to ZMW20,000.

Try checking my article; Rapid loan app in Zambia  

5. Flash Loan App 

Flash loan app logo
Flash loan app logo

Flash loan Zambia gives loans ranging from ZMW100 to ZMW20,000 .

You can download Flash Loan App to give it a try.

Zambian Online Loans

1. Lupiya 

Lupiya is the most popular among online loans in Zambia.

With lupiya a customer can get up to K20,000 in soft loans. 

Lupiya gives both personal and business loans.

To get started visit lupiya website and apply.

2. ZamCash 

Zamcash loan website screenshot
ZamCash website Screenshot 

Its one of the best online loans in Zambia. Loan application is fast same to loan approval.

To apply visit ZamCash website and apply

3. Express Credit

Express Credit Zambia Screenshot
Express Credit Zambia website screenshot 

Best in payday loans, Express Credit Zambia gives fast online loans to borrowers. 

You can get up to K10,000 from Express Credit Zambia 

4. Biumoney

Biumoney website screenshot
Biumoney website screenshot 

Similar to ZamCash, biumoney provides fast personal loans to borrowers in Zambia. 

With Biumoney,you can get up to K10,000 

To apply visit Biumoney website


Zambian loans - loan apps and online loans - can be a good option for anyone looking for short term loans.

However,if you're looking for big and long term loans ,try banks and credit cooperatives.

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