Tru Offside: What I know

Are there tru offside loans in Kenya. How can I apply?In this article I will be sharing what I know about tru offside.

What is Tru Offside

Tru Offside is a betting company,a sport news portal and a games odds prediction website best known to gamblers.

In this regard, tru offside is therefore not related to loans in Kenya.

Tru Offside Loans 

If you're looking for loans from Tru Offside,then it will be impossible and this is because,at the moment the company does not offer loans as a service.

Tru Offside Loan Alternatives

If you're looking for quick loans ,I will advise you try loan apps. 

In Kenya,those that can serve as the best alternative to tru offside loans include;Asapkash,iPesa,KeCredit,FairKash,mojacredit, creditmoja among others.


Although many would like to take loans from Tru Offside ,I will not be possible this because Tru Offside does not offer loans. 

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