Spot On Loans in Kenya: How to Apply for the USSD Loan

Spot On Loans is a USSD loan available to borrowers in Kenya.

Welcome to Loans Kenya Blog. In this article I will be giving information about Spot on loan features including loan amounts, interest rates and how to apply.

Spot On Loans features

Loan amounts vary per customer. I got a message from spot on loans which specified the loan limits for me. Here is the message; 

Dear Mwabaya, you have qualified for a loan of KES 10,500 paid within 30 days with 6% interest. Borrow by DIALLING *789*1567# & get now! STOP *456*9*5#

This means that I can get a spot on loan of up to ksh 10,500. 

What is the spot on loan interest rate? The interest rate is 6% .

How to apply for spot on USSD loan

To apply for spot on loans, simple dial *789*1567#. 

This means,spot on is a USSD code loan.
Caution; I have not yet tried spot on loans. After I try, I'll be giving more information about how the lender works. 

Pay Spot on loans Kenya

Payment is done via the USSD code*789*1567#. 

Spot on loan payment duration is 30 days.

Spot on loans customer care contacts

At the moment, there are no spot on mobile phone numbers. You can us the USSD Code to get help .


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