Knight Loan App Download and Loan Application

Loan app lending is such a big market in Kenya and one of the loan apps in this market is knight loan app.
Knight Loan App Screenshot
Knight Loan App Screenshot on Google play store 

In this article I will be sharing information about Knight Loan App including; 
  • What is Knight Loan App
  • Knight Loan Limits and Interest Rates
  • How to download knight loan app
  • How to apply for knight loans
  • How to pay knight loans 
  • Knight loan app reviews 
  • Is knight loan app legit
  • How to contact knight loan app.

What is Knight Loan App

Knight loan app is a mobile person finance loan app which can give fast loans to borrowers in Kenya via M-PESA.

The app is owned and managed by Natal Tech Company LTD

Knight loan app was released on 5th October 2022 and requires Android version 5.0 or above to work.

Some of the app permissions that knight loan app will ask for access once installed include; phone, call logs, gallery,SMS/MMS, internet among other permissions. 
Knight Loan App permission screenshot
Knight Loan App Permissions Screenshot 

Knight Loan Features - Interest Rates, Loan Limits

Knight loans ranges from ksh 1,000 to ksh 60,000. This amount is disbursed to the customers M-Pesa account if loan is approved.

What is Knight loan interest rate? The interest rate is 36.5% APR per year. 

Knight Loan App Download

How can one download the app? You can download knight loan app from Google play store or get knight loan app APK files online and create your account.

As already mentioned,to install the app your android smartphone must be version 5.0 or up to be compatible.

In order to make the app work perfectly, you'll be asked to give permissions for the app to access your data including SMS,call information, camera among others.

Knight loans application process

There are first of all some requirements before one can apply for knight loans and they include; 
  • Must be 18 years or above
  • Must be a Kenyan citizen
  • Must have an Android smartphone
  • Must have an M-PESA registered number 

How can one apply for knight loans? Here is the process; 
  1. Download and install knight loan app
  2. Create your account using your safaricom M-Pesa registered phone number ,ID number and your names 
  3. Create your PIN
  4. Allow all required app permissions
  5. Get a loan limit and choose to apply
Next time, whenever you'll need to apply for loans, you'll be required to login to Knight Loan App using your PIN.

Pay Knight Loans 

Remember any loan must be paid and knight loan is no exception. Loan payment duration for knight loans is from 91 days to 365 days.

Here is the process to make a knight loan payment; 
  1. Login to Knight Loan App
  2. Select Pay loan
  3. Select online M-Pesa option
  4. Enter your M-Pesa pin on pop up
  5. Submit
When the transaction is successful you'll get a message from M-Pesa and another one from Knight Loan App.

Who are Knight loans best for

Knight loans are good for anyone looking for fast emergency cash to solve short term financial issues.

Being a short term loan, a borrower must take great caution to avoid late payment or even defaulting. 

This is something which can damage your credit score. 

Alternatives to knight loans 

I would recommend trying a Sacco loan ,a personal loan from a commercial bank or a deposit taking microfinance bank. It's much cheaper than loan app loans and easy to negotiate further incase of anything unexpected happening. 

Knight Loan App Reviews

Having a look at Google play store, knight loan app is rated 3.5 stars out of 5 by 1298 customers. This simple means over half of the customers are satisfied with knight loan services.
Knight Loan App Reviews Screenshot
Knight Loan App Reviews Screenshot 

There are however,some critical comments which I think you should check on Google play store. 
Knight Loan App Comments Screenshot
Knight Loan App Comments Screenshot 

Is Knight Loan App Legit

Yes. Knight loan app is a legit lender. The app actually gives out loans but it's extremely expensive - high interest rates.

Knight Loan App customer care contacts

To get help,here are Knight Loan phone numbers and email addresses; 

0757 804128 


Knight Loan App is a legit lender which I can recommend people to try and get fast loans during emergencies. However,just like any other short term loans,the interest rate is high and repayment duration is short and this reason, anyone taking loans must be care not to make late payment or default.

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