Kashleo: What I Know

How can I get loans form Kashleo? Is Kashleo a loan app? To answers to the above questions, continue reading.
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Welcome to Loans Kenya Blog. In this article I will be talking about Kashleo.

What is Kashleo? 

Kashleo is an app which serves as a loan guide helping people navigate mobile money application. 

It is a platform which also furnishes borrowers with some information about lenders in Kenya.

In this regard therefore, Kashleo is not a loan app.

Kashleo Loan App 

As already said above,Kashleo is not a loan app. 

You can however, download the app from Google play store and access the loan guides.

If you're looking for loan apps, go to Google play store and try searching for Timiza, Tala, Branch Loan App,Zenka, KeCredit, Asapkash, iPesa, FairKash, mojacredit, creditmoja or stawika.


Kashleo is not a loan app but can help a person get some information on how to apply for mobile loans in Kenya.

Kindly note; Whenever asked to pay while looking for help or loans online just be cautious not to loose your money.

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