Electronet: Is it a loan app

What is electronet in Kenya? Does electronet give loans? Is electronet a loan app? To get answers to these questions continue reading below 👇

In this article I will be sharing what I know about Electronet including;
  • What is electronet
  • Electronet loan app
  • Electronet loans

What is electronet 

In Kenya, there is no such a company at the moment with the name Electronet.

It is therefore not possible to have electronet loans an this is because there is no company with such a name in the country.

Electronet Loans 

You cannot get loans from electronet. There is no lender with such a name in this territory.

Electronet loan app download 

Can one download electronet loan app? No. The app is not available on Google play store or Apple app store.


Electronet is not a real company nor a lender in Kenya. Borrowers looking for loans should consider approaching and, cooperative societies or loan apps.

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