Bill bird: Is It A Loan App

What is the bill bird app? Can one get loans from this app? To get answers to these queries just continue reading below 👇.
Bill bird app logo
Bill bird app logo 

In this article I will be sharing what I know about bill bird loan app in Nigeria.

Bill bird Loan App Download

According to the information available on Google play store,bill bird is a credit card manager app but according to the adverts, it's a loan app giving loans starting from 8500 to 9000 NGN.

For this reason, you'll need to test bill bird yourself to know if it actually gives out loans .

The app is currently available to borrowers in Nigeria and if you're interested,you can download bill bird app and create your account before applying for the loans.

Note: I have not yet tried the app myself. My advice is don't pay any fees to get money from online lenders.

Bill bird Reviews

Is Bill bird loans legit? As I have already said above,I have not yet tried this app. I'll get back with an answer after I test bill bird app.

But according to the reviews on Google play store, bill bird has a rating of 3.4/5 stars by 96 customers which might mean it's a good app.
Bill bird app screenshot
Bill bird app ratings screenshot 

There are however,some negative reviews if you read the comments on play store. 

Bill bird loan app customer service contacts
You can't call bill bird phone numbers at the moment because those numbers are not yet available.

You can however,use the email address below 👇 to get help; 


Is Bill bird a loan app? Looks like one but you'll have to try it yourself if you're comfortable with that. There are however, some confirmed legit loan apps in Nigeria which you can try like fairmoney,branch app, carbon loan app and okash loan app.



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