Zenka Loan Limit 100,000: 9 Tips to Achieve this Loan Amount

Zenka loan limit of 100,000 is the new maximum loan limit for people taking loans from the digital credit provider.
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Welcome to Loans Kenya Blog. In this article I will be sharing nine tips on how to achieve a high Zenka loan limit up to ksh 100k  with time.

Previously Zenka maximum loan limit used to be ksh 50,000 while the minimum is still at ksh 500.

How to get high Zenka loan limits

As already said,the maximum Zenka loan limit is now ksh 100,000, what can then a customer do to get such a high loan limit?

In this section, allow me to share tips of how to increase Zenka loan limit to ksh 50,000 or even to ksh 100,000.

1. Pay loans early

After taking a loan with Zenka,pay that loan early. Typically ,Zenka loan repayment duration is 30 days but have a habit of making loan payments before the 30 days are over.

2. Take loans frequently

You don't have to wait for the whole repayment duration to elapse. Try and take loans from Zenka preferably twice a month.

Let me explain: Because Zenka allows customers to choose their repayment duration (up to 30 days), you can choose to pay after 15 days,then take another loan and pay after the next 15 days.

It is also possible to take and pay Zenka loans after every 10 days.

3. Take what you can pay

To avoid unnecessary defaults, always take what you can pay and on time.

4. Stick with Zenka

It will be much easier to make loan payments if you stick to one lender instead of taking multiple loans from different digital credit providers.

5. Keep Zenka app installed 

Always keep the app installed. Some people have a habit of installing apps and reinstall only when looking to apply for loans.

6. Use M-Pesa frequently

Develop a habit of paying using M-Pesa instead of cash. This will help accumulate M-Pesa messages in tour smartphone which is what the Zenka will be able to read and approve of your activeness on matters money.

7. Keep your Messages

Always keep your M-Pesa messages. This helps Zenka to collect new information about transactions and build trust in you.

8. Never extend loans 

While it may appear tempting to extend your loan repayment duration, atleast don't fall for that.
Loan extension is a signal to Zenka that you're struggling with payment.

9. Take What is Given

I already said,take what you can pay but it is a good idea and a positive signal to take the maximum loan amount the app is giving. By taking a lower amount,Zenka will get a signal that the app over estimated your financial capabilities.


The new Zenka maximum loan limit which is at ksh100,000 is something achievable. By following the tips listed above one can get high Zenka loan limits with time.

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