Tala USSD Code: Easily Apply for Loans Without App

Tala USSD Code is *846# and in this article I will be talking about how to use Tala USSD code for loans.
Tala USSD Code
Tala USSD Code 

Welcome to Loans Kenya Blog where today I will be answering all questions about yala USSD Code.

What is Tala USSD Code

This is a short code used by Tala customers to perform transactions on their accounts.

The USSD Code *846# is the new way to apply for Tala loans in Kenya in addition to using Tala loan app. 

Some of the transactions a person can do using Tala USSD Code *846# include; 
  • Apply for loans 
  • Check loan limit 
  • Pay loans - either partially or in full
  • Check Tala loan balance
  • Check rewards balance
  • Get help from customer care 

How to apply for Tala loan via USSD Code

Below I will be showing you the steps to apply for loans from Tala via USSD code but first you'll need to have registered to use the code.

To use the Tala USSD code register by dialling *846# using your safaricom mobile phone number registered with Tala. 

You'll be required to create a PIN which you should remember for next time.

Any customer can register using either an Android smartphone or iPhone. 

Here are jow the steps to apply for Tala loan via USSD code *846# 
  • Dial *846# 
  • Enter your PIN
  • Choose Loan 
  • Choose Apply
  • Choose amount
  • Choose repayment duration
  • Submit
Once approved, Tala will send the loan directly to your M-Pesa account. 

Tala USSD Code Requirements

Who can use the Tala USSD Code*846#? Here are the requirements; 
  • Existing Tala customers
  • New Tala customers
Is Tala USSD Code free? No. Tala USSD code is not free to use. Tala has the right to the fee charged once a customer uses the code *846#


You can now use Tala USSD Code*846# to get loans among other services from Tala mobile.

It is now the most convenient, without internet access way to access loans from Tala. 

To confirm that this is a good way to access loans I recommend you to use Tala USSD Code.

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