Na Sova Loans in Zambia

Na Sova loans are instant mobile loans given out by Airtel Zambia.

In this article I will be telling you more details about nasova loans including how to apply and withdraw loans in Zambia.
Na Sova Loans banner
Na Sova Loans Banner
Photo Credit: Airtel Zambia 

How to apply for Nasova Loans

To apply for Na Sova loans,dial *778# and get approval instantly for qualified borrowers.

Na Sova loans requirements include being 18 years and above,have a NCR number and possess an Airtel number.

How to withdraw Na Sova Loans

When approved,loans are deposited into the borrower's Airtel money account.

A customer can then got to any Airtel money agent and ask to withdraw the money.


Nasova Loans is a good instant mobile loan facility by Airtel Zambia. It is a very helpful product especially to solve financial emergencies for example paying bills.

As always, remember to pay loans on time to avoid unnecessary financial inconveniences.

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