Mastersit: Is it a loan app

What is mastersit? Is it a mobile loan app operating in Kenya? To get the answer to these questions, continue reading below;

Welcome to Loans Kenya Blog. In this article I will be telling you whether mastersit is a loan app licensed in Kenya.

What is mastersit

Masters IT is an information technology company with headquarters in Australia.
Masters IT Logo
Masters IT Logo

In Kenya, there's is also another masters IT Solutions company but not affiliated with Masters IT which aims at systemising and simplifying the information technology industry.

Mastersit loans 

As you have already read above, there is nothing like mastersit loans or loan app in Kenya.

I can't therefore talk about mastersit loan interest rate or loan limits.

In addition,you can not download mastersit loan app from either play store or appstore.

In conclusion

Mastersit is not a loan app. It is an IT company based in Australia. In Kenya we also have Masters IT Solutions, an it company based in nanyuki.

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