Keshplus Loans: What I know

What is keshplus? If you're like anyone looking for the keshplus loans, then this article is for you.

Welcome to Loans Kenya Blog. In this article I will be sharing what I know about keshplus including loan limits, interest rate, keshplus loan app and contacts.

Keshplus Loans

Unfortunately there is nothing like keshplus loans in Kenya. This is something I found out after doing research on Google search and Google play store.

Therefore, there is nothing like keshplus loan limits and interest rates.

Keshplus loan app download

As I said above, there is no keshplus loans. For this reason,you should know there is no keshplus loan app for you to download. 

Keshplus loans reviews

Is keshplus loans legit? No. At the moment there is no lender with the name keshplus in Kenya.

Keshplus loans contacts 

Unfortunately there is no keshplus phone numbers at the moment.


Keshplus is not a lender in Kenya. It doesn't exist at the moment.

If you need loans try the licensed digital credit providers.


  1. Thank you for enlightening the public about this bogus flauter calling itself KESHPLUS LOAN LENDER. You can save many "BOLLOWERS"


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