Bamba Loan App: What I know

What is bamba loan app? If you've been looking for information about bamba finance app ,then you've come to the right place.
Bamba loan app logo
Bamba loan app logo

Welcome to Loans Kenya Blog. In this article I will be sharing what I know about bamba loan app including: 
  • What is Bamba loan app
  • Bamba Loan Limits and interest rates
  • Bamba loan app download
  • Bamba loan requirements
  • Bamba loan app reviews
  • Bamba loan app customer care numbers
  • Conclusion

What is Bamba Loan App 

Bamba is a finance app which gives fast and affordable mobile loans to borrowers in Kenya via M-PESA.

The app which is still in early access mode is owned and managed in partnership with Choice Microfinance Bank.

Bamba has become one of the 8 loan apps backed by banks in Kenya.

With bamba, a customer can apply for quick mobile loans and get instant decision. 

Bamba loan features

What I know loans from bamba go up to a maximum of ksh 30,000 at the moment. 

As per the app description on Google play store, there's however a very high rate of loan limit increasing if you were awarded a low loan limit as your first loan.

Being a CBK licensed and regulated lender, bamba loan interest rate is low and at competitive rates.

Bamba loan app download

If you want to access loans you'll have to download bamba loan app from Google play store and create your account. 

Jus go to Google play store and search for 'Bamba:Loans for your Business' and download the app from the search results as shown below;
Bamba app screenshot on Google play store

After successful completion of account creation,you'll be given a loan limit before you can apply for the actual loan.

Customers with a good credit score get higher loan limits compared to those with a low credit score as reported by the CRB - Metropol, TransUnion and CreditInfo.

It can however be difficult to download bamba app and this is because the app is in early access mode. Once fully launched,everyone will then be able to try the app.

Bamba loan app reviews

Is Bamba loans legit? Yes. Bamba is a legitimate lending app licensed by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) 

There are no bamba loan reviews on Google play store already but it looks like bamba is a good lender.

Bamba loan requirements

What are the qualifications to apply for Bamba loans? Here are the eligibility requirements; 
  1. Must be a Kenyan citizen
  2. Must be aged 18 years or above
  3. Must have an M-PESA account
  4. Must have a smartphone (android).

Bamba app permissions 

Before you can start using bamba app to get loans, it is important to know that the app will require to get permissions for some of the features in tour smartphone.

Always allow for permissions if you feel safe . 

Some of the permissions bamba will also for include; 
  • Call logs
  • SMS logs
  • Gallery
  • Camera
  • Location 

Bamba loan app customer care contacts

Here are bamba loan app phone numbers and email addresses; 

0703 229 889

In conclusion

Bamba is a god loan app if you're looking for fast mobile loans in Kenya. Read more about bamba loans before proceeding to apply.

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