Smart S Loan: Everything I Know

What is Smart S Loan? Welcome to Loans Kenya Blog and in this article I will share information about Smart S loan interest rates,USSD Code,app download, requirements and application.
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Smart S Loan

Smart S Loan is an SMS loan ( USSD loan) available to borrowers in Kenya via M-Pesa. Loan limits can go up to ksh 30,000 but largely depend on the customers creditworthiness. 

The smart s loan USSD code is *299*4#

Is smart S loan legit? I can't say it is a legit lender and this is because I've not yet tried the lender.

Smart S loan interest rates is low as per the information available via sms. 

Here is an example of smart s loan short message; 

You can withdraw a loan of KES 30,000 direct to M-Pesa and repay 60 days. Dial *299*4# and select BORROW LOAN Call:12027775812
Again here is a screenshot of smart s loan message;
Smart s loan screenshot shot

Smart S Loan App Download

The is no smart s loan app to download at the moment. You can only apply for loan via sms. 

Smart S loan application is done via sms. I'll share the sms code only when I confirm it is safe for people to try.

Smart S loan requirements

To apply for the loans you need to meet the following smart s loan requirements; 
  • Be a citizen of Kenya
  • Be 18 years or above
  • Have an M-Pesa account

Smart S loan customer care contacts

Once you create an account via SMS, you'll be able to get help .

Smart s loan phone number is 12027775812

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