Quick Online MPesa Loans Kenya: Top List Today

What are quick online MPesa loans in Kenya? Which are the quick online MPesa loans that are available today?

Welcome to Loans Kenya Blog. In this article I will be telling you what quick online MPesa loans mean and the exact lenders which are online MPesa loans.

So, let's start with what are quick online mpesa loans. Quick online M-Pesa loans refer to loans available online that can be disbursed directly to the borrowers M-Pesa account upon approval.

These online loans include loan apps and website loans.

With the convenience brought about by M-Pesa mobile money wallet, online loans have become part of every Kenyan citizen life in most cases.
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I have been and still using online M-Pesa loans myself and my favourite is listed below.

As I have already said, the majority of online MPesa loans comprises of mobile loan apps and website loans, let's now dive into the real names of such quick online MPesa loans lenders in Kenya.

Online M-Pesa loans in Kenya

The list is extremely long but for the purpose of this article I will list the most popular and new quick MPesa loans accessible via online; 

Popular online quick MPesa Loans 

  1. Tala loan app
  2. Branch loan app
  3. Bamba loan app
  4. Zenka loan app
  5. SC Juza loan app
  7. M-Shwari 
  8. Timiza
  9. LendPlus loan app
  10. YesCash loan app
  11. FairKash loan app
  12. KeCredit loan app
  13. FlashPesa loan app
  14. Zuri loan app
  15. Mykes loan app
  16. KesLake loan app
  17. CashSea loan app 
  18. CornCash loan app
  19. Kesmall loan app
  20. Kashway loan app
  21. iPesa loan app 
  22. Pesazone loan app
  23. Shika loan app
  24. Haraka loan app
  25. Carbon loan app
  26. Umba loan app

Government online MPesa loans

  1. Hustler Fund 
  2. Women Enterprise Fund

New Online MPesa Loans 

  1. Siyo cash loan app
  2. GoPochi loan app
  3. Directcash loan app
  4. Easykash loan app
  5. Easykash VIP loan app
  6. Meta loan app
  7. Mojacredit loan app
  8. Cloud loan app
  9. Wooden loan app
  10. Calf for you loan app
  11. Ocean loan app
  12. Knight loan app

Online M-Pesa loans within MPesa app

  1. Faraja loan
  2. Fuliza
  3. Halal Pesa 

Quick online MPesa Website loans

  1. Ngao Credit
  2. Premier Credit
  3. Platinum Credit
  4. Mwananchi Credit 

Are online MPesa loans legit

Yes, online MPesa loans are legit. These are lenders licensed by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) as Digital Credit Providers (DCP).

Online M-Pesa loans requirements

To apply for online MPesa loans, all you need is a national ID card or passport and an MPesa number.

These loans are open to any qualifying Kenyan and for any purpose.

Online M-Pesa loans interest rates

Majority of online M-Pesa loans are expensive with a short repayment duration.

The average online MPesa loan interest rates is 20% per month ( 30 days).

For example a loan of ksh 1000 will attract an interest of Ksh 200 at the end of 30 days. This means you'll be required to pay Ksh 1200 to clear the loan.


Online M-Pesa loans provide.a better option for quick loans in Kenya.

Bur as mentioned,the interest rate is high and the repayment duration is short. For this reason, always be careful not to default and damage your credit score.


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