OctoCash Loans: Is it a Loan App?

Is OctoCash a loan app? Of you're asking this question,then you've come to the right place.

In this article is will be telling you what is OctoCash,loan limits and interest rates,how to apply for OctoCash Loans,OctoCash loan app download and contacts.

What is OctoCash Loans? 

OctoCash is a website claiming to provide fast website loans to borrowers in Kenya.

As of now, I still have not yet tried OctoCash but I'll update once I truly the lender.

OctoCash loan app download

As of my knowledge, there's no OctoCash loan app to download for Android or iPhone (iOS) device users.

The only way to access OctoCash loans is via the website. 

There is also no OctoCash APK file to download. 

So,is OctoCash a loan app? The answer is 'No'. OctoCash is not a loan app.

OctoCash loans - interest rates,loan limits

Loans from OctoCash ranges from a small amount to a large loan amount.

I don't have the actual loan limits and this is because I have not yet tested the lender's loan facility.

How to apply for OctoCash loans

OctoCash loan application is done via the OctoCash website.

A borrower will fill in some few details before getting a loan limit. Customers then apply for the loans according to the ones loan limit provided.

Is OctoCash loans legit

Ilat the moment I can't say 'Yes' or 'No' .

After I try the lender,I'll be coming back here with the full OctoCash loans reviews. 

OctoCash loan customer care contacts

You can use OctoCash loan phone number listed below to get help;


In conclusion

Maybe or maybe not, OctoCash can be a good reliable lender to consider for a fast loan.

As always, never pay any fees to get an online loan.

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