Mix Loan Ghana: Everything I Know

Mix loan app is the latest finance application in Ghana for lending fast online loans

Mix loan is a mobile app for lending loans to borrowers in Ghana. It's one of the latest finance apps in the country.
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Welcome to Loans Kenya Blog to learn more.In this article I will share everything I know about Mix Loan in Ghana including;
  • Mix loan interest rates and loan limits
  • Mix loan app APK download
  • Mix loan download for Android
  • Mix loan download for iPhone
  • Mix loan website online application
  • Mix loan login
  • Is mix loan legit
  • Pros and Cons of Mix Loan
  • Mix loan customer care contacts 
  • Conclusion 

Mix loan interest rates and loan limits

Loans from mix loan ranges from GHS 1000 to GHS 5,000.

Mix loan interest rates is between 15% to 25% per year (APR).

Mix loan app download

You can download mix loan from Google play store or download APK file from trusted online sources and create your account.

If you're using an iOS device, you should check Mix loan on Apple app store and download for your iPhone or tablet.

Mix loan online application

You can still access mix loan via mix loan website. 

Mix loan login

Before you can apply for loan you must login to mix loan app or website fill in the required details and submit the loan application.

Just like any other online finance app or lender,the app decision to lend or deny loans is final.

As usual though anyone with a good credit score is capable of securing loans with easy even from mix loan in Ghana.

Is Mix loan legit

Yes. Mix loan is a legit online application and website loans company in Ghana.

Mix loan is similar to other popular finance apps like Fido and Boseapa in Ghana.

Pay mix loans 

Mix loan payment duration is from 
120 days to 365 days. 

All borrowers are encouraged to pay loan on time to avoid late fees and being blacklisted.

Who is the mix loan app for? The app is best for any Ghanian with a valid mobile phone number and looking for quick loans.

Mix loan Pros

  • No paperwork
  • No Guarantors needed
  • Approval is fast
  • No office visits
  • 100% online application

Mix loan Cons

  • No guarantee of loan approval 

Mix loan customer care contacts

Here are the mix loan phone numbers and email address to help you get help; 



Mix loan app is a good lender for anyone looking for fast loans via online in Ghana.

Being legit, it is therefore a go to whenever financial need arises.

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