Loan Cent Nigeria: What I know

What is loan cent? Is this a loan app in Nigeria? Stay tuned to get the answer from what I know.

In this article I will be talking about What Loan Cent is, Is it legit,Loan cent loan app download and Contacts.
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What is Loan Cent

As of the time of launching this article, there is nothing like Loan Cent being a loan app or a lender in Nigeria.

Even though the name looks convincing to be a legit lending app ,as of my knowledge, there is no such a lender.

If at all therefore you've been asking or looking for loan cent, stop and start considering other loan options like branch, carbon,umba,okash or fairmoney.

Loan Cent loan app download

You can't download loan cent app and this is because it is not in existence on Google play store or Apple app store.

Until such a lending app is available, that's when you'll be able to download and apply for loans.

Loan Cent loans 

We can not therefore say loan cent loans ranges from this limit to that. 

Even the loan cent interest rate is something we can't talk about at the moment.

Loan Cent Requirements

Until the loans are available, there are no loan cent requirements at the moment. 

However with a majority of the lending apps in Nigeria, a customer must be a Nigerian citizen aged between 20 years and 60 years.

Loan Cent Customer Care Contacts
There is no loan cent customer care number or email address.

Loan Cent Reviews

Is loan cent legit? I can't classify loan cent as legit or illegitimate lending app because,the lender doesn't exist at the moment

In conclusion 

You can't get loans from loan cent at the moment. Untill the lender exists,you'll have to seek lending services from other companies.

I'll however be sharing the update here once the loan cent service is launched.

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