Is Opesa Available Today in Kenya

Opesa is a loan application giving fast mobile loans but is it still available today in Kenya? If you're looking for Opesa update,then you've come to the right place.
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Welcome to Loans Kenya Blog. In this article, I will be telling you the update about Opesa loan app in Kenya.

What is Opesa? 

Opesa is a mobile loan software which in Kenya. The lender provides fast mobile loans to borrowers via M-Pesa.

But is Opesa still working in Kenya? Now let's go straight to the answer.

Opesa is not available in Kenya today. It used to be June of the best loan app but now it is not available anymore.

The app which was owned by Tenspot is not available on Google play store. This is something I confirmed.

Opesa used to give loans ranging from Ksh 1,500 to Ksh 50,000. The loan amount was disbursed directly and instantly to the borrowers M-Pesa account.

For those who Opesa to access loans, you will have to accept and move on.

Opesa loan borrowers can however opt to other best loan apps in Kenya for quick mobile loans via M-Pesa.

Loan Apps not Available in Kenya today 

Other loan apps not available today in Kenya include; 
  • Okash loan app
  • Haraka loan app
  • Shika loan app 
  • Saida loan app.

Why Opesa is not available is Kenya today

There is no clear and straightforward reason available to the public as to why Opesa stop operations in Kenya.

However, I suspect the Opesa management came to such a conclusion after noticing that the Kenyan mobile loan market was overcrowded.

Another reason maybe the management decided to concentrate on Okash, another loan app under the same team.

Okash is not available in Kenya but active in Nigeria.

In conclusion

Opesa is currently not available in Kenya. You can choose to seek the services of other mobile loan applications to access quick loans.


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