IG (Invest & Grow) Sacco - All Loans and Contacts

IG (Invest & Grow) Sacco is a Kakamega based savings and credit cooperative society (chama) which is providing the necessary financial services to its members.

The Sacco is registered as IG (Invest & Grow) Sacco Ltd.

In this article I will be telling you about IG Sacco loans ,both FOSA and BOSA and the chama contacts details.

IG Sacco logo
IG Sacco Logo

IG Sacco Membership

At the moment IG Sacco has a membership of 44,000 and growing. The membership is broad accommodating anyone above the age of 18 years and ready to grow.

As an IG Sacco member you'll be required to keep a minimum of Ksh 200 savings.

To join IG Sacco as a member you'll be required to visit the IG Sacco offices and sign up to be a member.

IG Sacco Loans 

The Sacco has a long lost of loan facilities for both BOSA and FOSA.

BOSA Loans

IG Sacco BOSA loans include; 
  • Jipange loan
  • Automobile loan
  • Fanikisha loan
  • Haraka loan 
  • Prime loan 
  • Normal loan

FOSA Loans

IG Sacco FOSA loans include; 
  • Progressive loan
  • Akiba loan
  • Empowerment loan
  • FOSA loan
  • FOSA Plus loan

IG Sacco Pepea Loan

IG Sacco Pepea loan is a mobile loan facility available to members. To get the loan you ban dial USSD code *879#
IG Sacco USSD code
IG Sacco Pepea USSD Code Banner 

IG Sacco customer care contacts

Telephone: +254 56 2030864
Mobile: +254 726 340 851/ +254 736 333 334
Email: info@igsaccoltd.co.ke, sales@igsaccoltd.co.ke

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