How to Access New Tala Top Up Loans

Tala has introduced new flexible top up loans to customers and in this article I will be sharing how to access the new Tala loan feature.
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What are Tala Top Up Loans

Tala top up loans refer to a new feature launched to enable customers to use their loan limits in bits whenever need arises. 

This means a customer will be able to withdraw money from his or her Tala account anytime as long as he or she doesn't exceed the set loan limit. 

Tala app maximum loan limit is ksh30,000 at the moment.

How to Apply for Tala Top Up Loans

Just like before,to apply for Tala loans, a customer must login to his Tala account.
Whenever a customer initiates a loan application,Tala app gives the said person a loan limit and a maximum repayment duration of 30 days.
For example,if your Tala loan limit is Ksh 20,000 you can choose to take ksh10,000 ,then ksh5,000 and finally take the remaining ksh5,000. All this must happen within 30 days from the initial loan amount taken.

This has provided much flexibility when it comes to getting loans at the right time.

Tala however, advises customers to take the loan only when necessary. No customer is forced to exhaust the Tala loan limit given.

Steps to accessing Tala Top Up Loans

Here are the steps to take to apply for Tala flexible top up loans in Kenya; 
  • Login to Tala 
  • Initiate a loan application
  • Receive a loan limit
  • Choose an amount to borrow
  • Choose a repayment duration
  • Submit the application
  • Receive the amount in your M-Pesa account
  • Take your time ( in days)
  • Login to Tala again
  • Take all or partially the remaining loan amount
  • Receive the amount in your M-Pesa account
  • Take you time again
  • If your Tala limit is not exceeded
  • Login to Tala once again
  • Take all or part of the remaining loan amount
  • Receive the money in your M-Pesa
  • Repeat till Tala loan limit is exhausted
  • Pay the loan early or after the duration you choose ( not more than 30 days)
  • Initiate a new loan application
  • And repeat the cycle.

How to pay Tala new top up loans

As already said above,Tala loan repayment duration is a maximum of 30 days.

Tala top up loan repayment is not different from the repayment process before.

Once you login to your Tala account, choose make payment.

You'll be prompted by M-Pesa to enter your PIN and submit. 

Once the transaction is successful, Tala app will refresh and give you another chance to apply for loans.

In conclusion

Tala top up loans is a good way to take loans at the right time only when necessary. 

This will help customers plan for the appropriate use of Tala loans.

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