Equity Bank Overdraft Loan Like Fuliza: What I Know

Equity Bank 'Fuliza' Overdraft loan is an overdraft loan product which works the same way as Safaricom's fuliza loan facility.

Welcome to Loans Kenya Blog. In this article I will share what I know about Equity Bank Overdraft Loan.
Equity Bank Logo
Equity Bank Logo 

People out there have already named the loan facility 'Equity Fuliza Loan' but I tell this is not the case. 

Equity Bank Overdraft Loan is managed and owned by Equity Bank of Kenya while Fuliza M-Pesa belongs to Safaricom PLC. 

All the same,let's now dive into the specifics of Equity Bank Overdraft Loan features.

Equity Bank 'Fuliza' Loan 

The product enables customers to complete transactions using there Equity bank account via equitel, online banking,USSD code*247# or via Equity mobile app.

Equity Bank Overdraft Loan limits ranges from ksh 100 to Ksh 100,000.

This service, Equity Bank Overdraft, works with Playbills, Till Numbers and even sending money to a person.
This means as an equity bank customer you can pay or send up to ksh100,000 even if your account is nil (zero).

What the Equity Fuliza interest rates The Equity Bank Overdraft Loan interest rate is zero ( 0%.)

How to apply for Equity Fuliza Loan

To apply you must be an Equity Bank customer with an active account for since the last six months.

You can opt in if you're a registered mobile or online banking customer. If you're not a mobile banking customer, you'll have to register by visiting nearest Equity Bank outlet.

Once you sign up, Equity Bank Overdraft service will give you a loan limit between Ksh 100 to Ksh 100,000. You can then use the limit provided to pay or send money the way you want not exceeding the limit. 

You can choose to apply for Equity Bank Overdraft Loan via equitel, Equity bank mobile eazzy app, Eazzy USSD code*247# or via Equity Bank website. 

Pay Equity Bank Fuliza Overdraft Loan 

Loan payment is done after a period of 30 days.

Before the 30 days elapse, a customer can apply as many times as possible for Equity Fuliza Loan as long as the loan limit given is not exceeded.

A customer can pay via his or her Equity Bank account or from mobile money like M-Pesa or Airtel.

Is Equity Bank Overdraft Loan available

Yes. Or is available but is slowly being released to people. It will soon be available to everyone.

How to withdraw Equity Fuliza Loan

IRS not possible to withdraw from Equity Fuliza Overdraft Loan. All you can do is pay bills or send to people.

In order to get the Equity Fuliza money,you can send to your other numbers or friends and withdraw the money from ATM or M-Pesa agents.

To pay for bills, just select (input) the paybill or till number,enter the amount to pay nor exceeding the loan limit and pay.

When to use Equity Bank Overdraft Loan

You can only use Equity Fuliza Loan when your account is low on funds or has no funds at all.


Equity Bank Fuliza Overdraft Loan is a good option if you're looking for emergency loans or overdraft service. It's recommended to use Equity Bank Overdraft Loan service.

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