4 Website Loans in Kenya: The Top List I Know

In addition to the famous mobile loan apps in Kenya there's also a list of website loans you can rely on as a borrower.

Welcome to Loans Kenya Blog.In this article I will be listing the best and popular four (4) website loan sites in Kenya to consider for quick personal or business loans.

But first, what is a website loan? A website loans means a loan facility a customer can apply for via a website.

Through the website, a customer can fill in a loan application for and submit it to the lender's team for consideration, all online. 

During the loan application, a customer will be able to upload and submit all the necessary and needed documents for example national identity card, log book, or business permit.

Website loans used to be popular back then before mobile loan apps came in.

There is however a comeback of website loans and as I do always her at Loans Kenya Blog,I will be giving a good list of sites you can get website loans in Kenya.

Website loans login and loan application

Before you can access website loans, some of the lenders may require customers to create an account,login and then apply for loans.

With some lenders though, a customer doesn't have to create and account and login. A customer simply fills in the online loan application form and submit it.

4 Top website loans in Kenya

1. Izwe loans 

To get loans from this site go to Izwe loans application page and fill in the required details and submit the information for consideration.

Izwe loans is known for providing large loan amounts especially to businesses and civil servants in Kenya.
Izwe loans website screenshot
Izwe Loans Website Loan Application Screenshot 

2. Platinum Credit

Platinum Credit is one of the oldest credit-only microfinance companies in Kenya.

You can get a website loan from platinum credit website online application page.

The lender provides a variety of loan facilities including; log book loans, landlord loans, quick cash loans, etc
Platinum Credit website screenshot
Platinum Credit website screenshot 

3. Mwananchi Credit

Mwananchi Credit another website loans lender, is popular for log book loans in Kenya.

You can make a loan application online via mwananchi credit website

The lender gives loans of up to ksh 25 million.
Mwananchi Credit Website Screenshot
Mwananchi Credit Website Screenshot 

4. Ngao Credit

With Ngao Credit, a customer can apply for a website loan including log book loans, import finance,asset finance and mobi loans.

Ngao Credit website screenshot
Ngao Credit website screenshot 

Other Website loan sites in Kenya include; 
  • Real People
  • Premier Credit
  • Progressive Credit
  • Roots Credit
  • MyCredit
  • Letshego

Who are Website Loans Best for?

Website loans are best for anyone looking for quick loan application process from anywhere in Kenya.

Website loans favour all including people with vehicles, landlords and civil servants.

Website loans interest rates

Just like any other loans, website loans attract an interest but varies depending on the lender.

However,the average website loan interest rate is 30% per year .

Website loan limits

Again loan limits for website loans vary per lender. Website loans however ranges from ksh10,000 to ksh 25,000,000 

How to pay website loans

Loan payment is done according to the lender requirements. With some website loan lenders, you can pay via M-PESA but majority ask for direct bank deposits. 

Website loans apps 

Actually, there's nothing like website loans apps. These website loans are only available via the lenders' websites currently.


Website loans have provided a n alternative to mobile loan apps for those seeking quick loans and straightforward loan application process.

Although Platinum Credit, Mwananchi Credit,Ngao Credit and Izwe loans are the most popular, a customer is advised to try the other website loan lenders to broaden the chance of comparing the loan terms and expenses.



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