Paving Equipment Financing Options in Kenya

There are two paving equipment financing options in Kenya and in this article we'll look at the details of them all.

Paving equipments (asphalt equipments) are those machines needed to construct tarmac roads in Kenya.

These equipments are too expensive to easily buy for a road construction company.

For this reason, financing of paving equipments is a good option. 
Workers on road construction
Workers on road construction project 

2 Options for Paving Equipment Financing in Kenya

The options are; 
1. Financing by Lenders
2. Financing by Equipments Dealers 

Financing by Lenders

In Kenya,the lenders which acn finance the purchase of paving equipments are the big stable commercial banks.

These banks include; 
  • KCB Bank
  • Equity Bank
  • Cooperative Bank
  • NCBA Bank
  • Absa Bank
To get paving equipments loan approval,you will need to visit any of the banks above, explain tour situation and wait for the feedback.

Financing by Dealers

Some of the paving equipments dealers have financing options in place for customers like you.

All you need to do is visit the nearest paving equipments dealers and ask for financing. 

Shop around to get the best deal before proceeding with loan application.

In Kenya,the popular paving equipments machine dealers include; 
  1. Mantrac Group
  2. Elsek Group of Companies
  3. SANY Global 
  4. Panafrican Equipments
  5. Regal Equipments Limited 
  6. Pride Enterprises Ltd
  7. Tingashare 
  8. Machineryline


It is possible to get paving equipments financing in Kenya using the two available options. It is however advisable to consider financing by dealers and this is because they are somehow affordable compared to commercial banks.

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