Kwatos Loan USSD Code: Truth to Know

People have been borrowing loans via USSD codes for sometime now but is kwatos loan USSD Code in existence?

In this article I will be talking about whether there's something like kwatos USSD Code.

But first,what are loan USSD codes? Loan USSD codes refer to short numbers one can dial on a mobile phone in a process of asking for a loan. 

With a loan USSD Code , a customer can register an account, login using a PIN and do any transaction as allowed by the USSD Code holder 

Remember we're looking at kwatos loan USSD code and whether it's something available for customers.

In Kenya for example, there's a long list of loan USSD codes. The same happens for Nigeria and Ghana.

Some of the popular used codes in Kenya include ; 
  • *334# for M-Pesa loans
  • *254# for Hustler Fund and WEF loans
  • *325# for PesaPap 
  • *799# for Faraja loans.
Kwatos loan USSD code: Does it exist
For long,many of my loans blog readers have been asking me for kwatos loan USSD code.

In a move to provide an answer to all of them at once, I decided to do a research about kwatos.

And here are my findings about kwatos loan USSD code.

There is nothing like kwatos loan USSD code in Kenya. 

How did I come up with this conclusion? First, decided to use the power of Google search and unfortunately there was no good answer. 

Second, I decided to reach out to some of the Loan USSD Code teams in my contact list to hear from them if they know of any competitors with the name kwatos. None knew such a lender.

In conclusion, there is nothing like kwatos loan USSD code.As always, remember not to pay any money or expose your personal information to suspicious lenders online.


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